How Wide Is a Queen Air Mattress: Size and Dimension Guide

Choosing the right size for an air mattress can take time and effort. If you’re looking for an air mattress for two people, you may be looking into a Queen size, but how wide is a Queen air mattress?

My size and dimension guide will help you figure out whether a Queen air mattress is the right fit for you.

As a general rule, I’d recommend a Queen air mattress for two adults, but keep reading for the full lowdown!

How Wide Is a Queen Air Mattress?

How Wide Is a Queen Air Mattress?

The standard dimensions of a queen air mattress are as follows:

  • Width: 60 inches (152.4 centimeters)
  • Length: 80 inches (203.2 centimeters)
  • Depth: Variable – from 11 inches (27.94 centimeters) to 16 inches (40.64 centimeters)

The width and length may vary by an inch or so, but a queen air mattress should be roughly this size.

Queen air mattresses are one of the bigger options for air mattresses. However, King and California King are still larger, making them a nice luxurious option when you want to stretch out.


The depth of an air mattress can vary. For example, the INTEX Dura-Beam Queen Air Mattress is a whopping 22 inches thick, which is super thick!

It’s ideal if you want extra comfort and are trying to stay a little further away from the ground. For example, if you need to sleep on an air mattress in your home for a while and are sensitive to dust, a deeper air mattress will help elevate you. (This is a good idea for people with asthma in general.)

However, thicker air mattresses tend to be more expensive. A thinner mattress, like the INTEX Dura-Beam Standard Air Mattress, is perfect for camping as it takes up little room when folded, making it easier to transport. I know how hard it is to fit several air mattresses, bags, and camping equipment into a truck (along with multiple humans!), so sometimes, the smaller, the better.

How Many People Can Fit on a Queen Air Mattress?

How Many People Can Fit on a Queen Air Mattress?

Two adults can comfortably fit on a Queen air mattress, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it could be the best mattress for you.

When you have children and you’re sleeping in a new place, it’s almost inevitable that at least one of them will want to snuggle in with you. If that’s the case, you may be better off springing for a King or California King air mattress, which will comfortably fit your kids (and maybe even your dog).

In my experience, queen-size mattresses are too tight for kids to squeeze in as well, and the extra money to go for a King is a good call.

Queen-size air mattresses are taller than smaller ones, giving you extra legroom. It’s ideal for taller people, or if your pets sleep at the bottom of your bed, this may be the best air mattress.

Queen Size vs Full Size

If you want to save money, you may be tempted to buy a full-size mattress instead. This makes a lot of sense if you’re on a tight budget, but you’ll be sacrificing a few inches of width and length.

Full size would be a luxurious option for one person and would work quite well for one adult and a child. The standard size for a Full size is 54 inches (137.16 centimeters) x 75 inches (190.5 centimeters). So it’s a few inches smaller than a Queen.

Ideally, for a couple, a Queen mattress is better as it gives you more room. If you can spring for it, a Queen size is better!

How to Choose the Right Air Mattress Size?

How to Choose the Right Air Mattress Size

How can you choose the right size for your air mattress? The process is a little different than choosing a traditional mattress, as there may be different factors involved, including storage, which you normally wouldn’t have to think about with a mattress!

1. Number of People

The most obvious factor is the number of people that will be sleeping on one mattress.

As a rough guide, I’d suggest the following:

  • Twin – perfect for one child.
  • Twin XL – would work for one adult or for a child wanting some extra wiggle room.
  • Full – two adults can fit here, but it will be a snug fit.
  • Queen – A queen-size mattress is perfect for two adults.
  • King – gives a luxurious amount of space for two adults and could work if you expect to have a kid sneaking into the bed with you.
  • California King – could comfortably fit two adults, a kid, and a pet.

Of course, having made a lot of camping trips and sleepovers in my time, I must say this is pretty accurate for most people!

2. Available Floor Space

Available Floor Space

Where you will put the air mattress makes a big difference.

For example, if you’re camping, you may need to squeeze a few air beds into one space. It may sway you toward choosing smaller air mattresses because every inch of space counts.

However, if you’re buying an air mattress for overnight guests and have a guest room with a bit of extra space, you can spring for a bigger one.

Of course, if you’re car camping or truck camping, you’ll need a very specific size to fit: checking out the dimensions of the mattress will be crucial!

3. Folded Dimensions

The folded air mattress dimensions make a difference, too. The bigger the air mattress, the more material they will have, which means they’ll be thicker when folded. It’s crucial to check out the folded dimensions, too.

Of course, it helps to fold and store them properly, as this will give you more space. But, if you’re camping and have a lot of gear to fit into your vehicle, choosing smaller air mattresses may be a good call.

4. Purpose


The purpose of the air bed makes a difference.

If you’re without a mattress for a week and you want to buy an air bed to plug the gap, it may be worth buying a smaller one just to save a bit of cash. After moving house a couple of times, I’ve used an air bed as a temporary measure, and you don’t need to spring for a huge one just for that.

But if you plan to sleep on the air bed more often or invest in a new camping air mattress, it may be worth giving yourself a bit of extra room for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions you might be interested in before I wrap things up:

Is there a weight limit for a queen air mattress?

There is a weight capacity, which will be on your air mattress’s packaging. As a general rule, queen air mattresses have a rough weight limit of around 500-600 pounds.

Should I go for a thicker air mattress if I have back problems?

A deeper raised bed may be better, but it really depends on the firmness. People with back problems may need a firmer surface to sleep on for a comfortable sleep, so that’s the key thing to look out for.
Also, it would help if you considered that you will have to get in and out of bed, and the higher the mattress, the more difficult this may be.
You can also use a mattress topper on an air mattress – this could make a huge difference in terms of comfort levels.
Check with your doctor or health care specialist about back injuries or back pain – it’s not worth the risk of making it worse.

How can I care for my queen air mattress?

We have a more detailed guide on how to wash an air mattress, but here’s a quick overview:
1. Remove any dust or clumps of dirt from the inflatable bed by shaking it off
2. Clean any dirty areas with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water
3. Allow to dry thoroughly – this will prevent mold from forming
4. Pack away into the original packaging or into a sealed container
5. Keep away from direct sunlight or damp conditions
Air beds are pretty easy to take care of!

My Final Thoughts

I hope this has helped you to figure out whether a Queen air mattress is right for you. It’s a great choice for couples, but if you want extra room or have a small child sleeping alongside you, you may want to go for a larger air mattress instead.

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