Is Hypersomnia A Disability: All You Need to Know

is hypersomnia a disability

The medical term for excessive daytime sleepiness is “hypersomnia.” And it describes an actual condition. Hypersomniacs sometimes struggle to stay alert during the day. It’s even when they get the recommended amount of sleep each night. The ability to work, learn, and perform other vital daily activities may all be negatively affected by this illness. … Read more

Can Acid Reflux Cause Sleep Apnea or Any Other Sleeping Disorder?

can acid reflux cause sleep apnea

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is the medical term for regurgitating stomach acid into the esophagus. The condition can develop from recurring episodes of reflux that feel normal at first but have harmful effects over time. Some 20% of adult Americans experience gastroesophageal reflux disease. When lying down to sleep or trying to get some shut-eye, … Read more

Paradoxical Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

paradoxical insomnia

Treating a patient who has insomnia can be challenging. When the patient insists they haven’t slept in weeks despite evidence to the contrary. It’s frustrating enough. And yet, regardless of your best efforts, they continue to claim that they cannot sleep. The patient is insistent that they cannot sleep, despite their partner’s assertions that they … Read more

Is Sleep Apnea Genetic Or Do You Develop it With Time?

is sleep apnea genetic

Millions of people worldwide experience sleep apnea, yet many don’t know they have the illness since it goes unnoticed. Breathing stops or shallow breathing during sleep characterize this disorder, which disrupts sleep and is associated with daily weariness, concentration, and other health issues. Studies have shown that hereditary and environmental variables may play a role … Read more

8 Proven Exercises for Sleep Apnea Treatment

exercises for sleep apnea

When it comes to our health, everyone agrees that exercise is crucial. Strength training is just as vital as a cardiovascular exercise for keeping our hearts and muscles healthy. But big muscles aren’t what this blog is about. Our purpose here is to discuss the sole skeletal-system-free muscle. The tongue is the most familiar muscle … Read more

6 Health Benefits of Stretching Before Bed With Examples

benefits of stretching before bed

You’d be surprised how much strain our bodies come under on a day-to-day basis, whether this is doing a physically demanding job or spending your days sitting behind a desk. The health benefits of stretching before bed can be advantageous to all of us. If you’re someone who is constantly on the go, for example, … Read more

What Causes Insomnia After Surgery And How to Get Over It?

insomnia after surgery

Recuperating from surgery requires a good night’s sleep. There is some evidence that patients who obtain enough sleep in the hospital after surgery have improved cognitive, respiratory, immunological, and pain-tolerance functions. Sleep problems are typical postoperative complaints. The bright lights and constant noise of hospitals can make it difficult to get to sleep and stay … Read more