4 Pros And Cons of Sleeping in a Cold Room

pros and cons of sleeping in a cold room

It’s already been proven that sleeping in a relaxed and cold room aids sleep. You may prefer the sound of climbing into bed in a warm room or cozying up to an electric blanket during the winter months. The fact is, sleeping in a cold room is going to improve your sleep quality. For some … Read more

8 Health Benefits of a Firm Mattress

benefit of firm mattress

Many people don’t consider mattress types when they think of their general health, and more so, believe that whatever feels the most comfortable at the store is the best option. While everyone has opposing views regarding mattress firmness, and some people might prefer to sleep in a bed that feels like a cloud, this guide … Read more

7 of the Best Essential Oils to Wake You up (Feeling Energetic and Happy!)

essential oils to wake up

Essential oils are well known for their ability to help us relax, unwind, and fall asleep. But many of these powerful natural aromas have energizing properties that provide a potent morning pick-me-up so that you can start the day with an extra spring in your step. Energizing Essential Oils In this post, I’ll explore some … Read more