6 Effective Ways to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor

There are many benefits to owning an air mattress: they’re convenient for temporary sleeping arrangements when camping. Also, they pack away easily, and they can be highly affordable.

However, depending on where you’re sleeping, it may feel unnatural to be so close to the ground.

So, what can you do to fix this issue?

You can fix the issue by raising an air mattress off the floor. It turns out that you can do it in many ways, which will make you feel more like you’re sleeping on an actual bed.

How you raise your air mattress will typically depend on personal preference, so in this guide, I’ll cover all the options available so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Let’s take a look.

6 Ways to Raise an Air Mattress off the Ground

Below is a list of multiple ways to lift your air mattress off the floor, some DIY ideas and others available to buy online and in stores.

Here we go.



If you want to save money with a DIY job and have access to plenty of plywood, then you can create a makeshift bed frame by glueing together pieces of plywood. The good thing about this option is that you can make the base as high or low as you desire.

Box Spring

Box Spring

If you don’t mind spending extra money, invest in a box spring like the Zinus metal box spring frame. You can purchase them in wood or metal, and it’s a bed frame that offers ground clearance and extra stability when sleeping on an air mattress. Just be sure you measure before you buy.

Stacking Mattresses

Stacking Mattresses

It’s probably not the ideal option, but we often hear it when people tell us how they raise their air mattresses off the floor. You could try stacking your air mattresses if you have more than one. However, there’s the likelihood of the beds toppling over or deflating during the night.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress Toppers

If you aren’t bothered about adding too much height to your air mattress, adding something like a mattress topper will give you a few extra inches. They can also make your air mattress more comfortable and add an extra support layer for better sleep quality.

Using a Bed Frame

Using a Bed Frame

An obvious answer to raising your air mattress off the floor is buying an actual bed frame; this can make you feel more at home on your temporary mattress and give the impression of a full-size bed. You should check the structure is suitable for an air mattress and isn’t going to puncture it.

Foldable Bed Base

Foldable Bed Base

Something like this memory foam foldable bed base by Sinweek is ideal for raising an air bed off the ground because it’s portable and storable. They don’t add significant height to your bed. But they certainly improve the feeling of sleeping on the floor, and the memory foam is highly comfortable and supportive.

Reasons to Raise an Air Mattress off the Ground

You might need to raise your mattress off the floor for multiple reasons, whether for comfort or hygienic purposes.

Comfort and Support

Comfort and Support

Some people find that sleeping so close to the floor is a little uncomfortable, causing them to have a bad night’s sleep. So, by raising it off the ground, you may feel more support and stability while sleeping. It can also help to improve your posture and promote better spinal alignment if you have a more supportive surface under your mattress.


If you use your air mattress for camping, having something to raise it off the floor can help to protect it from getting damp and also help to keep you warmer by creating a barrier between yourself and the floor.



Many people often complain that sleeping on an air mattress directly on the floor can make getting in and out of bed difficult. Therefore, elevating it can make this easier, especially for those with mobility issues.

Air Circulation

Lifting your air mattress off the floor allows for better air circulation while you sleep. This can, in turn, prevent the build-up of dampness and moisture and promote a more hygienic sleeping environment.

Prevention from Bed Bugs

Prevention from Bed Bugs

Believe it or not, air mattresses are still at risk of bed bugs. Raising it off the floor can help to prevent this. Not only can it protect you from bed bugs, but it can also reduce the risk of any other unwanted critters, especially when sleeping outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at what other air mattress users ask about raising it off the floor.

Why Should I Raise My Air Mattress off The Floor?

Raising your air mattress off the floor can provide enhanced comfort, protection from cold and dampness, easier access, increased air circulation, and protection from pests.

How do I Raise My Air Mattress Off The Floor?

You can raise your air mattress off the floor using various methods, such as a bed frame, a raised platform or bed frame, or a mattress topper.

Will Raising My Air Mattress Affect its Stability?

Raising your air mattress off the floor should not affect its stability if you choose a sturdy and appropriate support system. Ensure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and that the support structure can handle the weight of the mattress.

Can I Still Use an Air Mattress Without Raising it off The Floor?

Yes. You can still use an air mattress without raising it off the floor. However, raising it can provide added benefits such as improved comfort, insulation, and protection.

Are There Downsides To Raising an Air Mattress Off The Floor?

While raising an air mattress off the floor has numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider factors such as the additional cost of a support system and the increased height, which may not be suitable for individuals with mobility issues or those who prefer a lower sleeping surface.

Final Thoughts

Raising your air mattress off the floor will have many benefits, including the most important one, improving your sleep quality.

Whether sleeping under the stars, napping in the back of your truck, or using it for temporary accommodation, keeping it off the floor can ensure a better night’s rest, free from dampness, bugs, and other elements.

If you’re wondering whether an air mattress is the right choice for you, before you buy one, you could also check out these alternatives.

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