Are Air Mattresses Bad for Your Back? Read Now!

are air mattresses bad for your back

Air mattresses can cause back pain in some users, but only when used incorrectly. Air mattresses may cause back pain in some people, but a lot depends on the variety they are using. The predominant reason air mattresses cause back pain is that they tend to sag. And when they do, they do not align … Read more

Do Air Mattresses Have Weight Limits? All You Need to Know

do air mattresses have weight limits

Air mattresses are incredibly versatile. Whether you want a spare bed for your friend to sleep over or are planning to spend some time outdoors while camping, air mattresses can help you in various ways. However, it would be best to remember that air mattresses are less dense than regular foam mattresses. Hence, it would … Read more

6 Effective Ways to Raise an Air Mattress Off the Floor

how to raise an air mattress off the floor

There are many benefits to owning an air mattress: they’re convenient for temporary sleeping arrangements when camping. Also, they pack away easily, and they can be highly affordable. However, depending on where you’re sleeping, it may feel unnatural to be so close to the ground. So, what can you do to fix this issue? You … Read more

3 Ways to Patch an Air Mattress With Duct Tape

how to patch an air mattress with duct tape

If you’ve found yourself unfortunate enough to have a leak in your air mattress, don’t worry; not all is lost. And, you’ll be glad to know that depending on the cause, the leak can likely be fixed with something you’ll probably have stored away in your DIY box. Duct tape! Not only is duct tape … Read more

5 Best Air Mattress for Fat or Heavy Person

best air mattress for heavy person

Air mattresses can be an extremely affordable and convenient alternative for bedding down when camping, moving house, or staying over as a guest. However, finding a comfortable, durable air mattress can be daunting for heavier people. After all, there’s a lot to consider. You need to ensure the mattress is durable, well-made, sturdy, and has … Read more

Top 5 Truck Bed Air Mattresses for a Sound Sleep

air mattress for truck bed

If you’re traveling on the road and don’t want the expense of staying in hotels and Airbnb, then there are more affordable options that can still offer you an excellent night’s sleep. You can save a lot of money by investing in a truck bed air mattress and relaxing in the comfort of your truck. … Read more

Why my Air Mattress is Losing Air But no Holes?

why is my air mattress losing air but no hole

Air mattresses can be handy when you are moving or want to spend a night camping in the woods. These inflatable beds can help you sleep comfortably anywhere. However, a common problem with air mattresses is that they may deflate sometimes, and you cannot find any possible reason for it. Air mattresses will leak a … Read more

5 Best Air Mattress for Hospital Beds {Expert Review}

best air mattress for hospital bed

If you’re suffering from a medical condition requiring a hospital bed in your home, making it as comfortable as possible is vital, whether permanent or temporary. If you’re sleeping on a hospital bed, chances are you’re recovering from or experiencing an illness of some description, in which case, sleep is vital for your well-being and … Read more