4 Best Air Mattresses For Back Pain {Review & Tested}

best air mattress for back pain

Having a partner who suffers from back pain means that we often have to think about sleeping arrangements if we ever go anywhere. Air mattresses can be very problematic: if they sag in the night, he immediately suffers from more pain, which sucks. I’ve found out that you can find some amazing air beds that … Read more

How Long Do Air Mattresses Last? Must Read!

how long do air mattresses last

In today’s world, where comfort and convenience are important, air mattresses have become a popular and versatile solution for various sleeping needs. These inflatable wonders have seamlessly become a part of our lives, offering indoor and outdoor relaxation. Whether you’re hosting guests, camping, or simply looking for an extra bedding option, air mattresses have proven … Read more

How to Find Leak in Air Mattress With a Built-in Pump?

how to find leak in air mattress with built in pump

Air mattresses with built-in pumps are a game changer in the bedding world. They offer a combination of comfort and convenience, making them a versatile solution for situations. Whether you’re going on a camping trip unexpectedly hosting guests or looking for a space-saving alternative for your bed, these inflatable wonders have got you covered. Thanks … Read more

5 Best Air Mattresses for Cars – Buyer’s Choice

best air mattress for car

It took me years of traveling in my car to start appreciating the importance of a car air mattress. I could sleep virtually anywhere when I was younger, as I didn’t pay much attention to sleep quality, but with age and mounting back problems, I started to prioritize sleep hygiene both at home and on … Read more

3 Easy Steps to Clean Urine or Pee Off an Air Mattress

how to clean air mattress urine

Let’s face it: accidents happen, and pee and urine in the bed is probably a common problem we’ve all encountered for one reason or another, some of which you might not want to go into too much detail about. But, moving on from the cause and talking more about the solution, how do you clean … Read more

How Long Does an Air Mattress Last if It’s Used Everyday?

how long does an air mattress last if used everyday

It’s no surprise that air mattresses have become an increasingly popular piece of furniture in many households these days. Let’s face it: they’re convenient, low cost, easy to clean, and they can be packed away when not in use. The question is, how often can you use these mattress alternatives before their quality is hindered, … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide to Inflate Air Mattress With Built-in Pump

how to inflate air mattress with built-in pump

If you’ve found yourself on my step-by-step guide to inflating an air mattress with a built-in pump, the chances are you’ve already invested your hard-earned money on a new bed to take camping or put in your temporary sleeping accommodation. Air mattresses are a brilliant and convenient way to sleep if you’re traveling, decorating, or … Read more