Mattress Sinking in Middle: 6 Reasons With Solutions

mattress sinks in middle

A sagging mattress is the number one enemy of a restful night’s sleep. Because of the absence of support in a sagging bed, some people may experience claustrophobia, unease, and anxiety. You may have trouble relaxing at night and feel stiff and tired upon waking. The mattress needs to be examined if you are having … Read more

What is The Standard Thickness of Mattresses, and Why Does it Matter?

standard thickness of mattress

A comfortable mattress undoubtedly allows you to have a good night’s sleep. So, what makes a mattress comfortable? It’s the thickness of the mattress that will decide whether you feel comfortable sleeping on it. The thickness of a mattress can impact its comfort, support, and durability, and it’s essential to choose a thickness that suits … Read more

Do You Really Need a Mattress for Pack n Play? Find Out Here!

do you need a mattress for pack n play

Pack-n-Plays are a staple purchase for any parent of young children. Whether it’s to take them to a friend’s house while you pop over for dinner or simply wanting to teach them how to keep themselves entertained in safety while you’re not in the room. They also come in handy for putting your baby down … Read more

The Hassle-Free Guide to Return an IKEA Mattress

returning ikea mattress

Ikea has a huge selection of mattresses and mattress accessories. The Swedish superstore sells everything from king-size memory foam and pocket spring mattresses to space-saving foldable mattresses, mattress toppers, and everything in between. And thankfully, the prices are pretty affordable compared with many other big-name furniture stores. But what happens when you purchase a mattress … Read more

How Often Should You Rotate A Tempurpedic Mattress?

should i rotate my tempurpedic mattress

A Tempurpedic mattress is made from a material that molds to your body, making it more supportive, comfortable and providing a weightless sleep. Tempur Pedic mattresses are the original memory foam. Tempur is the name of a brand that first came up with the spongy material. It was actually first invented for use on spaceships. … Read more

Discovering the Weight of Mattresses: A Comprehensive Guide

how much does a mattress weigh

These days, shoppers may choose from a plethora of mattress types at local retailers. If you go out to get one, you might run into a dilemma. You’d be enthralled by the selection and want to buy multiples of each item. A mattress’s weight, along with its other primary physical characteristics, is a significant consideration … Read more