How Does a Futon Work? 5 Benefits of Using!

how does a futon work

A futon is a wonderful option if you are looking for a bed on a budget. Futon mattresses have their origins in 17th-century Japan. But over time, they have evolved to become highly functional pieces of furniture worldwide. Traditional futons in Japan were meant for the nobility. They were made of cotton and were rolled … Read more

Are Japanese Futons Really Comfortable?

are japanese futons comfortable

Futon is the Japanese name for a blanket or a mattress. If you have ever seen a traditional Japanese household, you may have noticed that they have everything close to the floor. That is because they believe in staying close to the earth, according to ancient Eastern philosophy. The Japanese futon mattress is also meant … Read more

How Long Does It Take a Memory Foam Mattress to Expand?

how long does memory foam mattress take to expand

One of the first things you need to do when you get your new memory foam mattress home is leave it to expand to full size, which, frustratingly, can take a bit of time. It can be a bugbear, especially if you’ve already ditched your old mattress. Unfortunately, expanding a memory foam mattress can take … Read more

Proper Storage Tips for Mattress Toppers: A Complete Guide

how to store mattress topper

A mattress topper can increase the lifespan of your mattress by at least three to five years. If your mattress is too hard or has developed dents, or you do not want to change your mattress right now, you can use a mattress topper. After all, mattresses can be expensive, and using a mattress topper … Read more

Air Mattress Size Guide: Find Your Perfect Fit

air mattress sizes

Air mattresses have been a favorable product used by campers for more than 120 years. They are still a popular option today for those seeking a comfortable sleeping solution. This complete guide to air mattress sizes will give you the tools to help you purchase the right air mattress, with information about measurements, portability, storage, … Read more

6 Signs Your Mattress is Too Firm 

mattress too firm symptoms

Your sleep patterns depend highly on the kind of mattress you choose. You may find it immensely very difficult if you do not choose the right mattress that benefits your sleep cycle. However, although most people buy a new mattress for a better sleeping experience, not all mattresses will meet your expectations. This is because … Read more