Can You Fold a Memory Foam Mattress? 6 Tips for Safe Storage

You might need to fold a memory foam mattress for many reasons. Transportation and storage being the primary ones.

So, when moving your mattress, what is the best way to fold it, and is it even possible?

Well, the good news is, yes, you can. However, you might get it packed differently than when you received it.

In this comprehensive guide to folding your memory foam mattress, we will cover the simple steps to store it most compactly.

Let’s take a look.

How to Fold a Memory Foam Mattress?

How to Fold a Memory Foam Mattress?

Before packing away your memory foam mattress, it’s important to mention that you should check your warranty before doing anything because any damage caused by folding could void your guarantee.

Next, you must examine whether the mattress can even be folded. For example, it won’t be suitable if the mattress contains internal springs.

Once you’ve established that your memory foam mattress can be folded, follow the steps below to get it compressed and ready for storage.

1. Gather the Right Equipment

You’ll need a vacuum pack (and a vacuum) to compress the mattress to the smallest size. It must be heavy-duty and fit the purpose of holding a mattress. Using just any old vacuum pack from the dollar store will likely burst at the seams.

You’ll also need to ensure the vacuum hose fits the bag’s valve. If it doesn’t, you can always improvise with duct tape to prevent air from escaping.

2. Prepare the Mattress

Prepare the Mattress

Next, remove all bedding and accessories from your mattress, including toppers, pillows, and sheets or covers.

3. Place the Mattress In The Bag

You might need two people for this part, especially for a larger mattress. It would be best if you slid the mattress into the bag. This is easier to do on the floor.

4. Rolling the Mattress

Rolling the Mattress

Once the mattress is in the bag, it’s time to start rolling. Before you do, though, you’ll need to ensure the valve is positioned to access it after rolling.

Grasping one end of the mattress, start to roll the mattress.

5. Secure the Mattress

Now your mattress is rolled up and all the air has been removed, you’ll want to ensure it stays in one place. The vacuum pack should have straps to secure it in place, but if it doesn’t, you can also duct tape. It works just as well.

If you’ve got a box large enough, you should put the mattress in it for extra protection, but a large refuse sack or plastic container will also work.

6. Compressing the Mattress

Compressing the Mattress

This part can also benefit from an extra pair of hands to hold the mattress in place and stop it from springing back while you suck the air out, or you could always sit on it.

Connect the vacuum to the valve on the bag and ensure it’s secure, then switch on the vacuum and begin removing the air.

Keep rolling the mattress tighter as the air is being removed. Use your body weight to push any excess air towards the valve.

Storing Your Memory Foam Mattress

Once you’ve packed your memory foam mattress away, you’ll need to find the right place to store it.

Your mattress should be stored in a cool, dry room, free from extreme temperatures that would damage the quality.

You also need to ensure no heavy objects are placed on top of the mattress that could hinder its integrity.

The same applies when storing a mattress topper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check out some common questions surrounding folding a memory foam mattress.

Can I fold a memory foam mattress?

Yes, you can fold a memory foam mattress, but it should be done in a specific manner to avoid damage to the structure.

How should I store a memory foam mattress if I can’t fold it?

If your mattress can’t be folded, you’ll need to find a sizeable dry area to store it as it is, but ensure it’s adequately covered and free from dampness.

Can I keep a memory foam mattress folded for a long time?

It’s not advisable to keep a memory foam mattress folded for an extended period as it can cause permanent damage to the foam.

How long can I store a memory foam mattress without using it?

You can store a memory foam mattress for several months without using it. Ensure the mattress is stored in a suitable location to maintain its quality.


So, when it comes to moving and folding your memory foam mattress, we’ve established that rolling it up is the best solution, not simply trying to fold it in half, which would damage its integrity and quality.

Unfortunately, folding won’t be possible if your mattress has any internal components, such as springs or structures. You’ll also need to find a place to store your mattress as it is.

If this is a problem, you could always consider an alternative, such as an air mattress.

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