Coleman Supportrest Elite Double-High Air Mattress (Reviewed)

I’m kind of picky when it comes to air mattresses. But sometimes, you just need something that is budget-friendly to tide you over for a short period of time. That’s why I was excited to review the Coleman Supportrest Elite Double-High Air Mattress: it felt like this could be perfect for guests.

Coleman is known for making robust, durable camping gear. But are their indoor air mattresses any good? Does this air bed hold air for a long amount of time, and does the pump work properly? Is this comfortable enough to allow guests to sleep on for a few nights?

I’ve tested this air mattress myself, so I can give you my opinions on what it’s like to use. I’ll give you a rundown of my honest pros and cons, too, so you can see if this budget-friendly air mattress would work out for you!

Coleman Supportrest Elite Double-High Air Mattress – First Impressions

Coleman Supportrest Elite Double-High Air Mattress


Easy to inflate

Easy to fold

Sleep Quality

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Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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My first impression of the Coleman Supportrest Elite Double-High Air Mattress right out of the box was one of surprise – other air mattresses I’ve tried are usually a solid block color, normally blue or gray, but this has a soft beige grid pattern on the quilted top, and it looks quite cozy when inflated.

We got the Queen size to test out. It feels cozy and has a raised edge so that your pillows (or your whole self) don’t slip over the edge. The raised edge is quite generous, though, which means the actual sleeping area feels a little more squished than I would like.

I slept well on the first night. It felt firm and supportive, without being uncomfortable to lie on. I didn’t wake up with any aches or pains, which is nice. Plus, my partner has back pain, and he found the firmness was just right for him.

We both agreed that we’ve slept on more comfortable mattresses in the past, but the depth did make it feel luxurious, and my partner was able to get in and out of bed more easily.

Overall, a thumbs-up for the first night!



We felt that the comfort was pretty good. In terms of firmness, it felt firm enough to sleep comfortably for both of us. I’m a side sleeper, so I find that I need a decent firmness on an air mattress to stop myself from sinking deeply into the mattress.

Sometimes, I find that if an air mattress is too soft, or if it loses a lot of air overnight, my hips and shoulders ache on the side I sleep on, and I wake up with a sore back, too. So I appreciate how firm this stayed, even after a full night’s sleep.

My partner also found it to be pretty comfortable. We’ve tried a lot of air mattresses, and very similar to all of those, this mattress is constructed a bit like a regular bed, with air ‘coils’ to help stop you from sagging in one spot.

It’s marketed as a double-high airbed. It’s actually pretty similar in depth to other air mattresses we’ve tried (like the King Koil), but it is nice to be further away from the ground.

I also wanna quickly mention the soft top. I like the pattern, but more importantly, it feels super soft, like suede. I always use bed sheets anyway, but it’s a nice extra touch, and I would feel cozy if I didn’t have a spare sheet to use!

The one complaint I had is the lip (or rather, the elite pillowstop!) means that you end up bumping into each other a bit more. If one of you is a restless sleeper (or you’re sleeping with little kids in the bed, like we do sometimes), this could cause some problems.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

This mattress includes a built-in pump. I found that it inflated it to a decent firmness, and we just topped it up with a tiny bit more air before we went to sleep. In terms of inflation, you just press it and go.

The pump is loud, but that’s always the case regarding air pumps! Inflation and deflation take around three minutes, and I’d say that’s kind of standard for built-in air pumps.

It deflates pretty easily using the built-in pump. I also found it easy enough to zip back into the carry bag, which can be tricky with air mattresses. I get really annoyed when I can’t fit any kind of overnight/camping gear back into the supplied bag, so this was a real bonus!

It has a Double Lock valve and an AirTight system. This means that, in theory, you shouldn’t need to keep topping it up with air because air shouldn’t really escape. In practice, after a few nights, I noticed this wasn’t the case. We did have to top it up most mornings with a little extra air. (But I’ll tell you more about this in a moment.)

This mattress is pretty easy to wipe clean. As a mother of young kids and an owner of boisterous, sometimes muddy dogs, this is more important than you’d think.

I would prefer it if the cord was longer for the pump. You do have to put it quite near an outlet to inflate it, which isn’t ideal. A longer cord would make it a little bit more convenient to use. I had to move our side tables around to get the mattress to reach the outlet, which was annoying!

Product Specifications
Special FeatureInflatable
Item Weight7.9 Kilograms
Product Dimensions78"L x 60"W x 18"Th


I can’t give you a full breakdown on durability because I haven’t had this mattress for long enough. But we did use it for a good few nights in a row, and I have some thoughts about the long-term durability of this mattress.

I don’t think this one is going to last as long as others I’ve used. Yes, it has some technology that is supposed to help keep the air inside, but we still noticed the air leaking regardless. This meant that the air was escaping from somewhere, and I suspect it’s down to stretching. The first night wasn’t too bad, but subsequent nights caused more air to leak out.

All air mattresses lose a little air, but some are designed to be more robust than others. I felt that the material might be a bit more prone to developing holes than some of the others I’ve used (which means I really have to keep my pets away from it), and the seams could be better.

I could be wrong, of course, but I do think my impression of this mattress is that it won’t last as long as other, more expensive mattresses I’ve tried. It’s not suitable for camping either, and while we sometimes ignore this advice, I definitely wouldn’t take this one on a camping trip, just in case.

For occasional use, it’s perfect. I’d use it for out-of-town overnight guests if they’re staying for a couple of nights! Plus, having to top it up with air every day is not a huge deal: it wasn’t as though it deflated completely during the night, but it just lost a little of its firmness.

Pros and Cons

I think with this one, you have to keep the price in mind. Coleman is offering a decent price point here, and that may be worth having to top it up again for a quick injection of firmness every morning.

I would definitely recommend this for overnight guests; if you don’t have room for a permanent guest bedroom (like us!), having this in a cupboard will help if you have last-minute visitors you weren’t expecting.

Anyway, here’s my summary of the best and worst bits about the Coleman Supportest Elite Double-High Air Mattress:


  • Quick to inflate and deflate – I found it super easy to do
  • Convenient in terms of compact storage – it actually fits back in the storage bag, which was a bonus for me
  • Nice to sleep on – it was supportive and firm for both me and my partner
  • Comfortable – I found the soft top layer to be nice and cozy
  • Budget-friendly – it has a decent price point, which is great if you just want a mattress for occasional use


  • Durability – it’s not as durable as others I’ve tried, and I have a sense that it will start leaking more air at some point
  • The cord is quite short – it would be more convenient if the cord was a little longer so I didn’t have to rearrange my furniture to inflate it!
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Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this review has helped you to decide whether the Coleman Supportrest Elite is right for you. If you have some questions, I may have the answer here:

Does it come with a patch kit?

No, it doesn’t come with a patch kit. We use a roll of air mattress repair tape, which works really well on anything inflatable (that includes pool floats, bounce houses, and basically anything that contains air that you would typically use at home!)

It’s also handy to have a roll of tape on vacation if you’re camping. Believe me, it’s better to have it than to be stuck without it!

You can also repair your airbeds using items you have at home if you’d rather do that.

Could I use this as a full-time bed?

I would say no. It’s good for occasional use. But if you were using it every day, you’d probably find that it degrades more quickly, and eventually, it will start to deflate more during the night.

The jury is out on whether you can sleep on air mattresses full-time: some experts think yes, and others say definitely not. 

As a short-term, budget-friendly solution, this would work really well. I would say it’s not a good plan to use it in the long term.

Can I use a fitted sheet with this bed?

Yes, but because it’s so high up, you’ll need extra-deep fitted sheets. Otherwise, your sheets will ‘ping’ off in the night (I know this from experience!).

The soft top is nice and cozy, so you could use it without sheets if you wanted to; I just prefer to use a sheet for hygiene reasons, as it’s easier to keep the air bed clean if you cover it.

Does it fully deflate using the pump in reverse?

Yes. The pump works really well in reverse! It literally sucks all the air out in 3 minutes, and then you can fold it and store it properly in the bag. There’s nothing more annoying than having to wait around for all the air to come out of an air bed when you’re in a hurry, but that’s not the case with this one.

In Summary

I really hope this has helped you to see what the Coleman Supportrest Elite Double-High Air Mattress is like to use.

Overall, I liked this one. It wasn’t the best air mattress I’ve ever used, but both me (a side sleeper) and my partner (with long-term back pain) found it comfortable to use for a few nights.

I’m glad I have this in my cupboard now: I can pull it out for out-of-state guests, and that’s a real bonus when you don’t have enough space for a permanent guest bedroom.

Having said that, I do have some doubts about durability, and I definitely wouldn’t take this camping. But for occasional use, you can’t really go wrong.

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