How to Remove Stains from Mattress with Baking Soda?

how to clean mattress stains with baking soda

Your mattress is your ultimate companion through the night. However, although its principal function is to give you a good night’s sleep, accidents can happen at any time, resulting in spillage on the mattress. You may have spilled food on your bed while watching TV, or the baby puked or peed before you could take … Read more

How to Fix Mattress Indentation (100% Guaranteed Solved)

how to fix mattress indentation

A sagging mattress, or one that develops indentations, can be very difficult to sleep on. Your mattress is supposed to give you a good night’s rest. However, if your mattress develops indentations, you will not get the comfortable sleep you want. Indentations can happen on any kind of mattress. But usually, a high-quality mattress will … Read more

7 Easy Ways To Keep Mattress From Sliding

how to keep mattress from sliding

For a good night’s sleep, your mattress needs to offer comfort when sleeping. It has to provide you with adequate support. You may have invested a lot of time, and a sufficient amount of money, to get the perfect mattress. However, it would mean little if your mattress keeps sliding out of your bed. Every … Read more

How to Clean a Tempur-Pedic Mattress? 6 Easy Steps

how to clean tempurpedic mattress

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are not your regular foam mattress. Made with the technology used by NASA to create cushioning for seats in advanced aircraft, these mattresses use the special TEMPUR material. It is a special kind of memory foam known for its high-pressure-absorbing qualities. A Swedish foam company first contracted it, later brought it to the … Read more

Does Casper Mattress have Fiberglass? All You Need to Know

does casper mattresses have fiberglass

Casper is a reputed brand, and their bed-in-a-box mattress is quite popular nowadays. The users also rate it highly in terms of comfort and longevity. And despite it all, there is a controversy regarding the Casper mattress, which deals with the materials that go into making it. According to some sources, Casper mattresses contain fiberglass … Read more

10 Inch vs 12 Inch Mattresses: Which One Should You Choose

10 inch vs 12 inch mattress

Mattress thickness is essential for your sleep quality and overall well-being. However, getting overwhelmed by the different kinds of mattresses you see in a store is easy. In addition to the various sizes, materials, and softness, you also have to choose between mattresses of varied thicknesses. Among the various kinds of mattresses you see in … Read more

How To Clean Pack N Play Mattress? (In 4 Ways)

how to clean pack n play mattress

Discover the convenience and functionality of a Pack N-Play, also known as a playpen or baby cot. Designed with a foldable crib featuring a soft yet firm mattress and a mesh enclosure, a Pack N-Play allows parents to provide a safe play and sleep space for their baby while they focus on tasks nearby. A … Read more

How Much Does a Purple Mattress Weigh?

purple mattress weight

If you want to opt for a mattress-in-a-box from Purple, knowing the weights of the different mattress types can help you make an informed decision. Knowing the weight of any mattress is important before you purchase, as it will directly impact your sleep quality and overall lifestyle. Various brands sell mattresses in all shapes and … Read more

Macy’s Mattress Return Policy: Get the Facts Now

macys mattresses return policy

Macy’s is a trusted name for furniture and other home furnishings, and you have made a good choice if you decide to buy your mattresses from them. Macy’s sells mattresses from various brands that differ widely in make, model, and size. Hence, you have many options to choose exactly what you want. After all, buying … Read more

Bed-in-A-Box vs. Traditional Mattress: Which One is Better?

bed in a box vs traditional mattress

Quality sleep is essential for a fit body and a calm mind. Extensive research and surveys have shown that poor sleep quality or a disruption in the sleep cycle can lead to many ailments that could become chronic over time. While leading a stress-free life is essential, certain environmental factors are also responsible for getting … Read more