Does Casper Mattress have Fiberglass? All You Need to Know

Casper is a reputed brand, and their bed-in-a-box mattress is quite popular nowadays. The users also rate it highly in terms of comfort and longevity.

And despite it all, there is a controversy regarding the Casper mattress, which deals with the materials that go into making it. According to some sources, Casper mattresses contain fiberglass that could harm health.

While some claim that Casper does not use fiberglass in its mattresses, others claim that they do. Still, others claim that the brand uses silica which does not have toxic effects like fiberglass.

Casper has said that although it uses fiberglass in its mattresses, it is done so that it does not affect humans in any way. But so many conflicting views leave the buyers confused, and many are wary of using mattresses from Casper.

It is important to get all the facts right to make an informed decision as a buyer. Fiberglass in mattresses can have harmful effects. However, you may want to know the full story of the wonderful products from Casper.

Does Casper Use Fiberglass in its Mattresses?

Does Casper Use Fiberglass in its Mattresses

Yes, Casper has confirmed that they use fiberglass in their mattresses. The official website says that they use silica in their mattresses at the core of a knit sock because it acts like a fire retardant.

Now, silica is the only component that goes into making fiberglass. While silica is a natural chemical made of oxygen and silicon, the other components that go into making fiberglass are sodium carbonate, sand, and limestone. When all of these are combined, it creates fiberglass.

Casper said that it uses fiberglass in the core of a rayon thread that encases the fiberglass so it cannot affect anyone resting on it. Various other independent researchers have also claimed that Casper mattresses contain fiberglass.

Why Does Casper Use Fiberglass in their Mattresses?

Why Does Casper Use Fiberglass in their Mattresses

Casper uses fiberglass in their mattresses as a fire-extinguishing material. Mattresses are expensive, and if it catches fire, it could do much more damage to the property.

All the other materials that go into making a mattress, like fibers, foams, latex, or poly-foam, are flammable. If the entire mattress, which can be quite large, goes ablaze, it can be enough to bring down the entire property.

Hence, Casper trying to make their mattresses fire-retardant deserves praise. However, the safety of the users should also be taken into account, as exposure to fiberglass can cause several health issues.

What is the Concern Regarding Fiberglass in Casper Mattresses?

What is the Concern Regarding Fiberglass in Casper Mattresses

The main concern with the presence of fiberglass in the mattresses is that it could leak out and harm the users. Although the brand claims that the fiberglass is encased within a rayon thread, it can leak out when the mattress ages.

While silica itself is not very harmful, that is only one of the components of fiberglass. With wear and tear, the rayon threads could break and expose the core. The fiberglass could disintegrate into a fine powder, affecting the users sleeping on it.

The fiberglass is placed beneath the mattress cover, and the brand had advertised that the top cover could be removed. Since the brand lacked proper disclosure earlier, removing the top cover could increase the risk of fiberglass contamination. It’s what caused many buyers to reconsider their decision to buy mattresses from the brand.

Do All Casper Mattresses have Fiberglass?

Do All Casper Mattresses have Fiberglass

No, not all Casper mattresses have fiberglass. Once the issues with the mattresses started coming up, Casper tried to reinvent itself.

In some of their later interviews, they said they are reinventing their mattresses, and they do not contain fiberglass or any other fire retardant chemical. They are only using a form of silica sock that would melt in case of a fire. It would create a suffocating layer that would suppress the fire.

Harmful Effects of Fiberglass Exposure

Doctors recommend getting a good seven to eight hours of sleep for optimum health. That means you spend about one-third of your day in bed.

Prolonged exposure to fiberglass for that length of time could cause health issues. Here is what you should be worried about.

1. Eye Issues

Eye Issues

If fiberglass gets into your eyes, you will likely wake up with redness and itching. It does not matter if your face is away from the mattress or your eyes are closed. The fine glass will enter your face while you change sides while sleeping. It could cause severe irritation with prolonged exposure.

2. Respiratory Problems

Fiberglass particles can mix with the air and cause respiratory problems. It can cause coughing, sneezing, and wheezing in the morning. It could also result in lung infections in extreme cases, and those already suffering from conditions like asthma should be very careful.

3. Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies

Fiberglass exposure can result in skin allergies like redness and itching. Those with sensitive skin could also experience breakouts. You may notice a constant itching for a few hours, even after leaving the bed. You may notice inflammation, which can be slightly painful in extreme cases.

4. Stomach Problems

At times, exposure to fiberglass could lead to stomach problems. You could inhale the particles, and if they land in your stomach, they will result in irritation and indigestion. You may also have stomach aches, and there could be a lingering discomfort in your gut.

Ways to Avoid Exposure to Fiberglass in Casper Mattresses

Ways to Avoid Exposure to Fiberglass in Casper Mattresses

If you have a Casper mattress and are wary of using it, here are some ways to keep the contamination to a minimum or avoid it altogether.

Make sure that you always have the top cover on the mattress. If you remove it for cleaning, always return it before sleeping on it. You can also use a bed sheet or bed cover on top to further nullify the effect.

You can change the mattress if you want. If you bought the mattress with a return policy and it still falls under it, you can return it. Or you could replace it with a regular mattress that does contain fire-retardant properties and, likewise, would not contain fiberglass.


Here are some questions that will help you clear your doubts regarding Casper mattresses containing fiberglass.

Are Casper mattresses safe to buy?

Yes, Casper mattresses are safe to buy. They won’t contain fiberglass. They use CertiPUR-US® certified foams in their mattresses. If you are concerned about fiberglass, check online reviews or ask the sales representative to show you regular mattresses without fire-retardant options.

What to do if you have irritation from fiberglass contamination?

If sleeping on Casper mattress results in irritation or allergies, you may have been exposed to fiberglass. You can consult a doctor and then change your Casper mattress.

Is fiberglass contamination deadly?

Exposure to fiberglass will result in irritation, allergies, and breathing problems. Those with asthma could notice aggravated symptoms. If you notice the symptoms early and get checked by your doctor, you will recover soon. It would be best to replace your mattress to prevent future complications.


There is a lot of conflicting information available over the internet about whether Casper mattresses have fiberglass or not. No reputed brand will deliberately use toxic materials in its products. Casper also resolved the issue by using more silica instead of fiberglass.

However, suppose you still have doubts and want to buy a Casper mattress. In that case, you can ask a company representative for clarification. Casper mattresses use good quality materials, are durable, and are comfortable enough. So it would be best to research all aspects before purchasing.

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