How to Fix Mattress Indentation (100% Guaranteed Solved)

A sagging mattress, or one that develops indentations, can be very difficult to sleep on. Your mattress is supposed to give you a good night’s rest. However, if your mattress develops indentations, you will not get the comfortable sleep you want.

Indentations can happen on any kind of mattress. But usually, a high-quality mattress will not indent so quickly. If your mattress is still under warranty, then you may have it replaced.

Nevertheless, since a mattress requires considerable investment, replacing a mattress because it has started sagging may not always be feasible. You can try some simple methods at home to take care of the indentations.

In addition, you must also care for your mattress. Besides, speak to your brand representative about the best mattress care for the type of mattress you have purchased.

Sleeping on a sagging or indented mattress causes severe issues. You may not realize them initially, but they will cause some discomfort over time. Hence, you should pay attention if your mattress starts showing lumps or you feel discomfort while sleeping.

Why Can a Mattress Develop Indentations?

Why Can a Mattress Develop Indentations

A mattress can sag or become indented due to several reasons. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Your mattress has a poor-quality foundation. The foundation of the bed frame is not strong enough, and it gives way when your body pressure falls on it.
  • Your mattress is old, and the core has lost its elasticity.
  • You sleep in the same spot and have been doing so for prolonged periods. A particular section of the mattress continuously carries your body weight while the other areas largely remain untouched. 
  • Your mattress does not receive enough care. You do not fluff your mattress enough, and the fibers start compressing in places.
  • Your spring mattress may have poor-quality coils. The coils may rust over time, and they lose the ability to hold your body weight.
  • Your memory foam mattress has heat-trapping chemicals which lose effectiveness after five or six years, causing indentations.
  • Latex mattresses can lose their elasticity, and regular wear and tear may cause them to sag in place.

What is the Difference Between Mattress Indentations and Sagging?

What is the Difference Between Mattress Indentations and Sagging

While the two terms “sagging” and “indentation” are often used interchangeably, they are not quite the same.

Sagging occurs when the entire mattress starts developing a hollow. This mostly happens in the middle because the bed has a poor foundation. You may feel that you are no longer sleeping on a mattress but on a hammock.

Indentations occur when certain sections of the mattress start developing hollows. The mattress becomes lumpy, and you feel like you are lying on an irregular surface. They tend to occur the most in the areas where you often sleep.

However, they can also occur on the edges of the mattress, especially in areas where you sit on the edge of the bed.

What Problems Can You Face if You Sleep on an Indented Mattress?

What Problems Can You Face if You Sleep on an Indented Mattress

Over time, sleeping on an indented or sagging mattress can cause some health issues.

  • You may have trouble breathing, especially while sleeping on your sides.
  • You may develop aches and pains along the shoulders, spine, and hips because the mattress fails to support all areas of your body equally.
  • You will get poor-quality sleep from not being able to lie comfortably.
  • You may suffer from allergies or irritation as the mattress may gather dust, mites, and pollen from not being tended to for prolonged periods.

How Can You Solve Mattress Indentations?

If your mattress is already showing signs of indentations, here is what you can do about it. Doing them methodically will solve your problem for good.

1. Vacuum the Mattress

Vacuum the Mattress

The first thing you can do to remove the indentation is vacuum the mattress. To do so, use the upholstery brush or the carpet brush of the vacuum. Then press the nozzle to the indented area.

The suction created by the vacuum will pull up the foam and help it regain its former shape to a great extent. Keep doing this till the indentation disappears and the mattress looks even. This method is more effective on latex and foam mattresses.

2. Switch Sides

If your mattress allows you to sleep on both sides, switch sides as often as possible. Yes, mattresses are heavy, and you may not be able to do this very often. However, try to change the sides at least once a month.

This will smoothen out much of the indentation as the mattress will have the bed frame to even it out once placed upside down. Heavier mattresses might be difficult to turn around, but they also work best with this method because the weight adds to the pressure.

3. Use Mattress Toppers

Use Mattress Toppers

Sleeping directly on the mattress can cause it to sag more or result in more indents. As soon as you notice the mattress indenting, use mattress toppers over it. If you use a mattress topper from the very beginning, then your mattress will not have many indentations to begin with.

They help maintain the equilibrium of the mattress. For example, your mattress will not dip as much if you rest your head on your hands with the elbows digging into the mattress. Your mattress will retain its shape for longer periods.

Plus, mattress toppers are also easier to clean, and they will prevent sweat, oil, and dead skin cells from being absorbed into the mattress.

4. Add more Foam

If your mattress is old and is losing shape, then you can add more foam or latex to the mattress. However, different types of foams are available in the market, and you should choose one that best resembles the original foam in your mattress.

You can speak to the representatives of the mattress brand about it. If you use a different variety or a poor-quality foam, then your mattress will keep sagging and indenting because of the unevenness in elasticity and texture.

5. Reinforce the Bed Frame

Reinforce the Bed Frame

If your mattress sags from the middle, then check your bed frame. A bed with a pliable foundation will bend when it encounters your body weight. This can sometimes happen with old beds. You can reinforce your bed frame by adding plywood to it.

This will strengthen the structure and prevent the mattress from sagging even if a heavy person sleeps.

6. Sleep on Different Sides

Indentations on mattresses occur predominantly due to uneven distribution of body weight. To counter this problem, you can try sleeping on different areas of the mattress. This takes care of the issue in most cases.

Moreover, you may even try sleeping parallel to the head post if you have been sleeping longitudinally for too long. You may risk the feet dangling over the edges for a few days, but a queen or king-size mattress usually does not pose this problem.

Moreover, it will evenly distribute your body weight and take care of much of the indentations.

7. Fluff your Mattress

Fluff your Mattress

Fluffing your mattress occasionally will also remove indentations to a large extent. You may not be able to fluff it like a pillow due to its weight. But you can beat the mattress with a stick to loosen the fibers and fluff it up.

Another effective alternative is to lay out the mattress in the sun. It is an excellent disinfectant that will kill mites and germs and will also absorb oil, residual moisture from the seat, and sebum that often makes the fibers stick to each other. The sun will lighten and fluff the fibers in the core of the mattress, and you will feel it becomes bouncy and lighter as well.

8. Check Warranty

If all else fails, you may consider replacing the mattress. If your mattress is still under the warranty period and still sagging and indenting, you should have it replaced.

You will probably have to spend on shipping charges, depending on the brand you have purchased it from. However, the manufacturers will usually replace the mattress free of cost.


Solving mattress indentations problems is not particularly difficult. Moreover, if you take good care of your mattress, you will hardly face these issues. It helps if you have invested in high-quality mattresses since they are denser and sags far more slowly compared to low-end mattresses.

You must also try to switch sides as often as possible and invest in a good-quality bed frame. By keeping these points in mind, you will ensure your mattress stays in good condition and completes its lifespan.

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