5 Easy Ways to Reduce Noise And Fix Squeaky Bed Frames

We’ve all been there, climbing into bed, turning over in the night, or trying to engage with our partner and not wake the rest of the house up, and then comes that oh-so-familiar and dreaded sound, the squeaky bed frame.

A squeaky bed frame can make your nightly activities a little awkward and interrupt your sleep, waking you through the night every time someone tosses and turns. Once you’ve noticed it, you’re left listening out the next time it occurs, a frustrating situation that can leave you sleep-deprived and possibly pretty grumpy the following day.

Sleeping with any form of noise can be disruptive, so when it’s a noise caused by your physical movements, it can make you overly conscious about staying in one sleeping position, which can be stressful.

The question to look at first is what is causing your squeaky bed frame, and more importantly, how can you fix it to reduce the noise? Let’s take a look.

What Causes A Squeaky Bed Frame?

What Causes A Squeaky Bed Frame

Before you can think about how to fix your squeaky bed frame, you’ll first need to identify what’s causing it to squeak in the first place. There’s a multitude of reasons why your bed might be squeaking. It could be that the screws of the bed frame have become loose, the springs in your mattress may become brittle with age, or your headboard could have wiggled loose.

If you discover that the cause of your nightly interference is down to the mattress springs, then it might be time to throw it out and invest in a new one, memory foam mattresses, for instance, won’t ever cause you this problem as they’re free of springs and much more hardwearing in the long run. Innerspring beds and even hybrid mattresses mean you’ll face the same issues a year or so down the line.

If the bed frame is causing you problems, you might have to put your DIY skills to the test and get to work restructuring the structure or tightening the bolts.

If you’ve got a box spring, these can encounter the same aging problems as sprung mattresses, in that the springs become worn and brittle and, when constantly rubbing together over time, will start to make an annoying sound. These days box springs are rare and unnecessary, as mattresses are made to a much higher standard. Some specialists advise that box springs damage your bed more than good, so consider throwing them out.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame and Reduce Noise?

You don’t need to be a DIY specialist to stop a squeaky bed frame. Rest assured that anyone possessing a screwdriver can complete the following tasks.

1. Tighten The Joints

Tighten The Joints

The most apparent cause of a squeaky frame is that the bolts and screws have worked their way loose over time. It is usual with frequent movement and only a minor, easily fixed issue, but it can be annoying and can also mean that your bed moves a lot when you climb into it, adding to the disruption. The simple solution to loose nuts and bolts is to tighten them using a screwdriver or a small wrench if you have one. You should notice a significant improvement instantly after fastening.

2. Lubricate The Joints

If you’ve had your bed for a while, but all the nuts and bolts seem secure and tight enough, it could just be that they need a bit of lubrication. Doing this every few months will stop them from seizing up. For wooden bed frames, waxing products can work wonders, and WD40 will instantaneously reduce friction and noise for metal beds.

3. Flip Your Mattress

Flip Your Mattress

If you have a sprung mattress, flip it every few weeks or months to ensure even wear and tear. It makes sense when you think about it if your bed is being worn down in one spot each night. Over an extended period, it will start showing signs of damage, such as squeaky springs. Flipping your mattress routinely ensures even use distribution, extending your mattress’s overall life.

4. Switch to Memory Foam

Switch to Memory Foam

Switching to a memory foam mattress or adding a memory foam topper to your current bed will significantly increase its lifespan. Memory foam mattresses don’t contain any springs, therefore will never give you the problem of squeaking.

A topper, on the other hand, although it won’t stop squeaky springs for good, can act as a shock absorber between you and the mattress and help evenly distribute your weight, which can lengthen the life duration of your current mattress.

Upgrading to memory foam might also benefit you in other ways, such as if you suffer back, neck, or shoulder pain. Memory foam mattresses are firm and mold to your body, so they are recommended for several physical complaints and sleep disorders.

5. Check the Bed Slats

Check the Bed Slats

Over time bed slats can become loose, move out of place, or become cracked and damaged, resulting in a squeaky sound when pressure is applied or movement occurs. Start by removing your mattress and checking the quality of the slats. It could be that one needs replacing or has slipped out of place.

Consider using some buffer or cushioning between the slats and the bedframe if the noise source is friction between the two.

Is It Time to Replace Your Squeaky Bed?

Is It Time to Replace Your Squeaky Bed

Of course, most of the above options are only short-term solutions. If your nuts and bolts are constantly becoming loose, or if your bed slats keep sliding out of place, it could be time to bite the bullet and upgrade to a new, more substantial bed.

There are tons of beds on the market these days designed to last much longer, primarily the ones that don’t contain springs and slats. And if you enjoy all things tech, you can even pick up smart beds now which can be electronically adjusted to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible.

Some of these intelligent beds can even monitor your sleep to help you assess your sleep quality, how much you move during the night, and how often you wake up. These intelligent beds can even alter your body temperature – a marvelous gadget if you’re someone who constantly gets too hot while they sleep.

However, if you’re not looking for high-tech slumber, plenty more affordable options on the market can rid you of your squeaky nights.


So, now that you understand the possible source of your squeaky bed frame and have a few ideas as to how to fix it, your nightly frustrations can finally end.

Whether you’re going to bite the bullet and throw yourself into an investment of a new mattress or upgrade to a super techy, modern innovative bed, or whether you’ve decided to dig out a screwdriver and get to work on repairs, with any luck you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time at all.

Remember that the upkeep of your bed and mattress can improve their longevity of it. Flipping your mattress will ensure even use regarding wear and tear. Aside from this, flipping your mattress is also recommended regarding hygiene.

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