Hypersomnia And Bipolar Disorder: Are They Related?

hypersomnia bipolar

A person with bipolar disorder, a mood disorder, may go through cycles of extreme ecstasy and depression. Bipolar patients may have problems sleeping that make them drowsy during the day. Extreme fluctuations in mood, energy, activity levels, focus, and the capacity to carry out daily chores are all symptoms of the mental health disease known … Read more

Hypersomnia and Depression: Are They Related?

hypersomnia depression

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining excellent mental and physical health. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining excellent mental and physical health. Many health advantages are associated with getting enough quality sleep. Not only does sleep restores your energy and gets you ready for the next day, but it … Read more

Is Hypersomnia A Disability: All You Need to Know

is hypersomnia a disability

The medical term for excessive daytime sleepiness is “hypersomnia.” And it describes an actual condition. Hypersomniacs sometimes struggle to stay alert during the day. It’s even when they get the recommended amount of sleep each night. The ability to work, learn, and perform other vital daily activities may all be negatively affected by this illness. … Read more

Post-Traumatic Hypersomnia: Cause & Symptoms

post traumatic hypersomnia

Sleeping too much after a head injury may be scary to survivors and their loved ones, but it can help the body and brain recover and conserve energy. Also, sleep is vital for post-traumatic brain injury healing. If prolonged sleepiness persists after a brain injury, a post-traumatic hypersomnia diagnosis may be made that can prove … Read more

Hypersomnia Treatments: How to Cure And Treat it?

hypersomnia treatments

Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder in which the sufferer experiences excessive daytime sleepiness no matter how much sleep they’ve had the night before. As there are other sleep conditions with similar symptoms to those of Hypersomnia, such as narcolepsy, it’s vital to establish your exact disorder before looking into treatments or trying out any home … Read more

Hypersomnia Vs. Insomnia (Know The Difference)

hypersomnia vs insomnia

There are a lot of reasons why hypersomnia and insomnia are often confused. They are both sleep disorders that interfere with the regular sleep cycle and circadian rhythm. They also share many of the same symptoms which other health issues can cause. However, insomnia can be the same as primary hypersomnia, which is standalone with … Read more

What Are The Tests And Diagnosis Required For Hypersomnia?

hypersomnia test

Hypersomnia is a sleep condition that causes excessive sleepiness throughout the day, even if you have had a great night’s sleep the evening prior. Not only is hypersomnia a frustrating condition, but it can also be quite dangerous and have a negative impact on your day-to-day life, such as your social life and work. The … Read more

Hypersomnia Vs. Narcolepsy (Know The Difference)

hypersomnia vs narcolepsy

There are a few sleep disorders that share similar symptoms, as well as have the exact causes and preventions. A lot of this is to do with your general sleep hygiene. However, some conditions are strictly medical or have an underlying or unknown cause, which can be frustrating. However, getting to the bottom of which … Read more

What Are The Signs And Symptoms of Hypersomnia?

hypersomnia symptoms

When you hear the word Hypersomnia, you might automatically associate it with the common sleep disorder, insomnia. However, they are entirely different conditions. Hypersomnia is a condition in which you will feel excessively sleepy throughout the day and often need naps, sometimes more than once daily. This happens despite you getting a refreshing night’s sleep … Read more

What Causes Hypersomnia in Males And Females?

hypersomnia causes

If you’re a sufferer of hypersomnia, you will experience symptoms such as being unable to stay alert during the day and constantly feeling excessive sleepiness. This will happen even if you’ve had a night of perfectly sufficient sleep the night before. After a while, hypersomnia can start infringing on your day-to-day activities and strain your … Read more