Why my Air Mattress is Losing Air But no Holes?

Air mattresses can be handy when you are moving or want to spend a night camping in the woods. These inflatable beds can help you sleep comfortably anywhere. However, a common problem with air mattresses is that they may deflate sometimes, and you cannot find any possible reason for it.

Air mattresses will leak a little air after a while, no matter how tightly you have sealed the valves. However, the problem arises when you notice the air mattress deflating faster than when it was new or has deflated completely.

Fixing a leaking air mattress is not difficult if you find a visible tear or you can locate any holes or loose connections around the valves. The problem is sometimes you can’t find any issue with the mattress, yet it deflates and loses air.

There are some possible causes behind this issue, and knowing about them will help you fix the issue. Taking care of the seemingly invisible reasons behind the mattress deflating will help you care for it better. We will look at some of them in this article.

Possible Reasons for Air Mattress Deflating Without Holes

Even though there are no visible holes in your air mattress, certain conditions may cause it to lose air. Here are some possible reasons why your air mattress could be deflating, and you need to go over your mattress carefully to check for these issues.

1. Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature Fluctuations

If you place your air mattress in an area with acute temperature fluctuations, then your mattress will deflate.

Air particles expand in heat and contract in the cold. So you may notice your air mattress full and firm during the hot afternoons but soft and saggy during nights. There may not be any visible holes in the mattress, and yet your mattress will feel deflated.

2. Putting Heavy Objects on the Air Mattress

Air mattresses are designed to bear a particular weight. So, if you put heavy objects on the air mattress, the air will leak out forcefully through the valves, and it may even cause the seams to burst.

Many of us have the habit of placing heavy objects on our beds while working, but this is not advisable when using an air mattress.

Weight distribution on the mattress is important, or else your mattress will lose air. For example, if you put an object like a chair on the mattress, it will deflate it, though it may be technically lighter than your body weight. The reason is that the four legs of the chair will put pinpoint pressure, unlike your body, where the weight is distributed over the entire surface area of the mattress.

3. Stretching the Mattress Material

Stretching the Mattress Material

Your new air mattress will take some time to adjust to the body weight. The material may stretch when you lie on it, and the air would shift into pockets you are unaware of. This might give the impression that your mattress is deflating, but the issue usually resolves over time.

4. Invisible Holes

As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to fix a hole in your air mattress once you have located it.

However, what if the hole is so tiny that you cannot see it with your naked eye? This may happen when there are minute pinpricks in the mattress, and it is impossible to see them.

This could have been caused by needles or twigs when camping outside or just by the mattress being caught in something.

5. Seam Leaks

Seam Leaks

Another possible reason for your air mattress deflating is a seam leak. This is not because of a hole in the mattress but the seams being pulled, causing the air to start leaking without the presence of any visible hole.

It could happen if you have over-inflated your mattress, causing the mattress to stretch at the seams. The mattress bursting at the seams is common, so you should only fill it to its optimum capacity.

6. Poor Quality 

A poor-quality mattress will likely lose air because of issues like weaker seams or inferior material. You may not notice any visible damage as such.

These mattresses often have poor build and design and cannot adequately hold the body’s shape or weight, causing it to lose air when you lie down on it.

7. Harsh Cleaning

Harsh Cleaning

Harsh cleaning is another reason why your mattress may lose air. Do not scrub your mattress with harsh materials while cleaning it. Instead, use a sponge and mild detergent to wash off dirt and grime and let it air dry.

Try not to use any abrasive chemicals on the mattress that may burn the material and cause it to tear.

How to Prevent an Air Mattress from Deflating?

If your air mattress is deflating without any visible holes, here is what you can do to prevent the leakage. These are only preventive measures. If your air mattress still deflates, you must check and repair it.

1. Temperature-Controlled Environment

Temperature-Controlled Environment

Use your air mattress indoors as much as possible in a controlled environment. When camping outside, avoid putting your air mattress on the cold ground at night or on ground that has been heated during the day. Always place your mattress on an elevated surface.

In short, you should ensure that the temperature isn’t too hot or cold when using an air mattress to prevent air leakage.

2. Avoid Pinpoint Pressure

Avoid putting pinpoint pressure on the mattress, like pressing on one area with your knee or sitting on a small area. Also, avoid placing heavy objects on the mattress unless it has a substantial surface area.

While a baby or your cat is okay, anything heavy, taking a small space, can cause the air to be pushed out of the mattress.

3. Do not Over-Inflate

Do not Over-Inflate

Do not over-inflate your mattress. If you use a manual pump for the mattress, stop when you feel it is firm enough.

The more air you pump in, the more likely it will be pushed out as the mattress will decompress to maintain its shape. Over-inflating the mattress may even cause the seams to burst, and you will end up with a bigger problem.

4. Avoid the Use of Harsh Chemicals

Do not use harsh chemicals or scrub pads to clean your mattress. It may cause the mattress to tear, and the material may shred. Use a soft sponge to wipe off dirt and grime, and do not rub harshly on the surface.

5. Invest in High-Quality Material

Invest in High-Quality Material

You should invest in a high-quality air mattress if you know you will use it frequently. Buy from a reputed brand who are guaranteed to provide you with high-quality material, better stitches at the seams, and more durable valves.

It may cost you a bit more at first, but it will save you a lot of hassles and costs of repairs in the future. And you will not have to worry about the mattress deflating much.

6. Use an Automatic Pump

With manual pumping, understanding where to stop is often impossible. You may over-inflate the mattress unwittingly.

However, you can pump just the right amount of air with an automatic pump. The pump will stop automatically when enough air has been pushed in, and you won’t have to worry about exerting extra pressure.


It is common to have questions when you see your air mattress deflating. These are some answers that can help you deal with the issue better. However, in case of a major leak, you should ideally seek professional help.

Can you detect holes in air mattresses?

Yes, there are ways of detecting holes in air mattresses. You can slowly run your hands over the seams and valves to look for air leaks. Or, you can use the dish soap method to detect leaks. The dish soap creates bubbles on the mattress’s surface, which can help to locate the leak, if any.

Can valves leak air from air mattresses?

Yes, weak valves can leak air from air mattresses. Sometimes, the valves may become loose with excessive use. You can tighten the valves again and secure them to ensure that the mattress does not lose air.

Can you fix holes in the air mattresses?

Yes, if you are losing air from the mattress due to tiny holes, you can easily patch them up. Most modern air mattresses come with their patch kits. You must glue the patch over the hole once you have detected them. You can also use strong duct tape and go over the holes. They can do the job well until you get a more permanent fix.


An air mattress can make your life easier in multiple ways. It can provide a perfect sleeping solution when camping outside and be just right for patients with bedsores who cannot sleep on regular mattresses.

However, you need to take good care of your air mattress to avoid the air from leaking and thus use it for years together.

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