Top 5 Truck Bed Air Mattresses for a Sound Sleep

If you’re traveling on the road and don’t want the expense of staying in hotels and Airbnb, then there are more affordable options that can still offer you an excellent night’s sleep.

You can save a lot of money by investing in a truck bed air mattress and relaxing in the comfort of your truck.

But, with so many options on the market, which ones will ensure you’re well-rested and ready to get back on the road the following day?

That’s where I come in!

Pittman Outdoor Airbedz Lite PPI with DC Corded Pump

Pittman Outdoor Airbedz Lite PPI with DC Corded Pump

Our Top Recommendation for Truck Bed Air Mattresses for A Sound Sleep!

  • Air coils over wheel wells
  • High Grade PVC Construction
  • Comfort Coil System evenly distributes weight
  • Inflated Dimensions 76″x63″x12″
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Top Picks for Truck Bed Air Mattresses in 2023

I have been searching and listening to other people’s feedback and testing them out for myself to see which ones are worth your hard-earned cash.

I have looked at factors such as comfort, stability, price, and durability, saving you all the time and hassle of going through the multiple options yourself.

So, let’s get to work transforming your truck into a comfortable place to get your head down for the night and have you sleeping blissfully under the stars.

1. Pittman Outdoor Airbedz Lite PPI with DC Corded Pump

Pittman Outdoor Airbedz Lite PPI with DC Corded Pump



Easy to fold

Value for money

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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I was pretty impressed with the Pittman air bed, to say the least, after trying it on a recent road trip. I had an incredibly peaceful night’s sleep under the stars.

The DC pump was a game changer, meaning I didn’t have any issues inflating the mattress, and it had a 16-foot cord, so there was plenty of length to refill when needed.

It fits well around the wheel arches, and I felt perfectly comfortable all night. It stayed in place well and offered plenty of room. My weight was well distributed and didn’t sink around the pressure point areas.


The lengthened cord and pump made this a pleasure and a breeze to inflate and deflate.


The pump was detachable, which I found to be a beneficial feature. However, it can’t be used on any other bed, not even from the same brand. It’s made specifically for this size and model.

Air Coil System

This contributed to the even weight distribution and offered such a fantastic sleep quality. It was soft to the touch and plush to sleep on.

Product Specifications
BrandPittman Outdoors
SizeFull Size Beds
Item Weight17 pounds
Special FeatureCompact,Portable
Product Dimensions76"L x 63"W x 12"Th


  • Warranty – The air mattress comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee, covering you against any problems, including quality-related ones.
  • Good Fit – This fits perfectly into the back of the truck, including over-the-wheel arches for ample sleeping room.


  • Price – This was a little pricey, and the quality didn’t match the price tag.
  • Deflates – This does deflate slightly overnight, and you can find yourself needing to inflate quite often.
  • Restricted – The pump is made specifically for this size mattress, so it can’t be used for any other air bed.
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2. Pittman Outdoor Airbedz Pro3 with DC Pump

Pittman Outdoor Airbedz Pro3 with DC Pump



Easy to fold

Value for money

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

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Nothing will beat the Pittman Outdoor Airbed if you require a truck bed air mattress for multiple people and need something heavy-duty. After all, it has a weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs.

I had no complaints about the comfort level and slept perfectly well. The mattress fits well into the back of my truck, filling the entire bed space right up to the wheel arches.


The air mattress has a built-in pump, which can also inflate other items. The pump connected to the cigarette lighter in the truck and inflated in a pretty speedy time.

Fabric Top

The material was nice and soft; it made it feel more like I was sleeping on an actual bed and not a blow-up mattress.

Good Fit

The mattress is a great size and uses the entire truck bed, which is handy if you’re sleeping with multiple people.

Product Specifications
BrandPittman Outdoors
SizeFull Size 6'-6.5' Short Bed (76"x63.5"x12")
Item Weight18.4 pounds
Special FeatureEasy to Install
Product Dimensions76"L x 63.5"W x 12"Th


  • Cleaning – The air mattress is spot clean only. However, it didn’t mark or stain easily and wasn’t a problem to clean.
  • Water Resistant – Being an outdoor air mattress, it helps that it is waterproof in case of bad weather.


  • Reinflating – This air mattress deflates quite regularly, which could be annoying if used for long periods.
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3. Rightline Gear Truck Air Bed with Pump

Rightline Gear Truck Air Bed with Pump



Easy to fold

Value for money

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

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The Rightline Gear air bed is a more appealing option if you’re looking for something less pricey.

Despite being cheaper, this was incredibly well-made and comfortable.

Unlike other truck beds I’ve tried, this one didn’t fill the entity of the truck bed; instead, there was a little room around the edges. The above could be a pro or a con for some people, but I found it handy to have the space to store my belongings without them being on the mattress.


The air mattress comes with a 12V pump included, meaning you don’t have to purchase separately, making inflating a doddle.

High Quality

The air mattress is made from PVC and feels extremely strong and durable. It also has O-beam support, which adds to the comfort.

Customer Feedback

After trying for myself and reading other people’s feedback on this air mattress, it’s mainly only good things people have to say. I would have to agree that this is a brilliant and convenient truck mattress for the price.

Product Specifications
BrandRightline Gear
Size5.5' to 8' Truck Bed (Full Size)
Weight Limit‎400 Pounds
Special FeatureFoldable,Portable,Built-In Pump,Flocked Top,Inflatable,Quick Deflation
Product Dimensions20"L x 7"W x 6"Th


  • Cost – This was a great price for an excellent product
  • Lightweight – As this weight is hardly anything, carrying and inflating it was hassle-free.
  • Space – Since this doesn’t fit around the wheel arches, there’s plenty of room left around the mattress to store your things.


  • Cord – The cord for inflating this air mattress was oddly short. It means you’ll need to inflate your bed close to the power outlet and put it in place afterward. Thankfully, it doesn’t weigh much, so it’s not a huge problem.
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4. Offroading Gear Inflatable Truck Air Bed

Offroading Gear Inflatable Truck Air Bed



Easy to assemble

Value for money

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

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When trying out the Offroading air bed in my truck during a trip across the state, I was more than impressed with the sleep quality I experienced. As someone used to sleeping under the moon, I’ve tried many sleeping options, and this was one of the best.

The air mattress has a DC corded pump, which meant it took no time at all to inflate and set in place, and the same went for when it came to deflation, no issues at all.

It fit snugly into the back of my truck and felt durable and heavy-duty.


The most positive usability factor with this had to be the fitted pump; it made inflation a total breeze, and there were no complications when fitting it into the back of the truck.


One of the main perks of this air mattress is that it’s not limited to use only in trucks. It comes with inserts that mean it can be transformed into a full-size air mattress, perfect if you need it for multiple traveling purposes.

Velvet Top

The mattress had an extra layer of comfort due to the velvet top, which made it highly cozy for outdoor sleeping.

Product Specifications
BrandOffroading Gear
Size6' to 6.5' Box
Item Weight‎14.67 pounds
Special FeatureInflatable
Product Dimensions74"L x 62"W x 10"Th


  • Fit – This fits perfectly around the wheel arches, with no gaps around the edges.
  • Cozy – The plush top gave it an added comfort value
  • Easy Inflation – This air bed was a total breeze to inflate.


  • Deflate – I never got to the bottom of the cause, but the mattress did seem to lose some air and deflate a little during the night.
  • Thickness – I found the mattress to be a little thin for my liking, but it didn’t take away from the comfort.
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5. Umbrauto Inflatable Truck Bed Air Mattress

Umbrauto Inflatable Truck Bed Air Mattress



Easy to install

Value for money

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

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Things are just getting better because at $75.00, this comes in even cheaper, and believe it or, it might just be my favorite one out of all five.

Firstly, I was spoilt for choice when I was trying to purchase because this truck bed comes in seven different colors. However, I played it safe and opted for grey; I thought it’d match my truck best.

It’s not all about how aesthetically pleasing this air mattress is. Of course, you want to know how comfortable it is, and I can tell you first hand it’s brilliant, and I slept incredibly on it.


The air mattress comes with a pump that can be used with the lighter socket in your truck, so it’s nice and easy to blow up electronically.


The mattress has a capacity of 600 lbs, which means it can easily handle two or even three sleepers.

Wavy Design

This air mattress’s wavy patterned design contributed to its comfort level.

Product Specifications
Item Weight10.08 pounds
Special Feature Inflatable
Product Dimensions66"L x 60"W x 9.84"Th


  • Carry Bag – The air mattress came with a handy bag, and it was easy to get it back in.
  • Waterproof – Thanks to the waterproof material, it’s perfect for outdoor sleeping and easy to clean.
  • Price – The low price was definitely a selling point, and the quality was impressive considering the cost.


  • Pump – Although the pump worked fine, it wasn’t the best, and I felt it would benefit from buying a better-quality one separately.
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How I Selected the Best Truck Bed Air Mattresses of 2023

When I was putting these truck bed air mattresses to the test, I wasn’t simply concentrating on how comfortable they were. I took into consideration many other factors.

Below are the features and qualities I was on the lookout for.

1. Durability

I selected only air beds made from high-quality, durable material that I believed could withstand the outdoors and handle some rough and tumble during travel.

2. Size

Of course, size is essential when discussing truck air beds. They must be specifically designed to fit on the truck’s rear, so I carefully checked the dimensions.

3. Usability

As you want to avoid being faffing around manually inflating your air mattress when on the road, I only recommended mattresses that I found to be a cinch to inflate and deflate.

4. Support, Stability, and Comfort

Just because you’re sleeping in your truck doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. This is why I sought the air mattresses that gave me the best night’s sleep and kept me feeling stable and in a comfortable position all night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see what other truckers have been asking when it comes to sleeping on an air mattress when on the road.

Are truck bed air mattresses compatible with all truck models?

Most truck bed air mattresses are designed to fit a wide range of truck models. But it’s always best to check the product specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific truck.

Can I use a truck bed air mattress for camping or outdoor activities?

Absolutely! Truck bed air mattresses are perfect for camping or outdoor activities, providing a comfortable sleeping surface in the bed of your truck.

How long does it take to inflate and deflate a truck bed air mattress?

The inflation and deflation time can vary depending on the mattress and its inflation method. However, many truck bed air mattresses have efficient built-in pumps that can inflate or deflate the mattress within a few minutes.

Are truck bed air mattresses durable enough for rugged use?

Yes, truck bed air mattresses are designed to withstand rugged use and are made from durable materials. However, checking the product details and customer reviews is always a good idea to ensure the mattress meets your durability expectations.

Can I use a truck bed air mattress for everyday use?

While truck bed air mattresses are primarily designed for outdoor and occasional camping trips, some models can also be used for everyday use. However, if you’re looking for a mattress for daily use, exploring other options specifically designed for home use is recommended.

The End of the Road

In conclusion, when searching for the best air mattress for trucks, it’s important to consider factors such as comfort, durability, size and fit, ease of inflation and deflation, portability, and support and stability.

By prioritizing these qualities, you can find a truck bed air mattress that meets your needs for a comfortable night’s sleep while on the road or during outdoor adventures.

Additionally, to make your air mattress even more comfortable, you can enhance it by adding extra padding or a mattress topper, using high-quality sheets and blankets, and adjusting the firmness to your liking. Happy camping and safe travels!

Sarah Wagner

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